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Below are a few of our pictures.


Please be patient for this graphic intensive page to load.


Click on the thumbnails to see a larger picture view, again due to their size, you may have to give the photos a moment to download to your screen, especially when you go to the larger view. If you have any problems viewing the pictures, clicking your browser’s refresh button should help.


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   Hallway Energy Blur              Moving Orb                     Orb Moving                 Window Orb








    Blue Light by Foot         Moving Hallway Orb           Sleeper Orb                  Triple Orb








          Streaking Orb                      Streak                      Tombstone Ecto               Racing Orb









          Sky Streak                           Vortex                        Orange Anomaly             Figure Ecto








            Dowsing                         Ecto & Orb                         Blue Orb              Jeff Davis Blue Orb







             Orb Trail                    Misty Apparitions                  Red Orb                    Oakwood Orb









       Moving Orb Mist 1         Moving Orb Mist 2                Moving Pink Orb                Pink Mist









    Green & Purple Orbs         Faces on Tree                  Shooting Orbs                     Orb Arcs




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